Dual Support Magnum Cock Ring *

Heighten your personal performance and intimate satisfaction with the exotic Sapphire Enhancer Ring. The easy to use, soft and super stretchy erection keeper provides comfortable, sturdy and erotic stamina maintenance support for extended arousal and stimulation and ultimate orgasmic pleasure. Slip on the enhancer and prepare to enjoy unlimited tantalizing tingles of pure ecstasy. The sturdy, comfort fit erection enhancer measures a discreet 1.5”x 2”/4 cm x 5 cm and is made from unscented, soft and smooth TPE. The supportive ring is pliable, stretchy and designed to provide ultimate comfort for unrestricted and unlimited sensual seduction. The textured enhancer is ribbed for maximum pleasure and easily slips over the erect penis to rest at the base. The ring also wraps around the scrotum and testes for your enhanced orgasmic delight and peak performance. To increase sensitivity, use a quality lube. Ideal for first time and experienced users, the erection enhancer is great for spontaneous intimacy. Use your imagination and let the erection enhancer take full control of your enjoyment, as you explore your wildest and most erotic desires. The supportive enhancer elevates your fun while you remain rock hard and ready for action.