I've Never Bar Cards *

So you've never worn another person's underwear? Or been locked up in a police station? Or been streaking? If you haven't you'd better take a drink, as I've Never... is full of wild, crude and downright rude questions. The more you deny, the more you drink, so you'd better start being honest!

To play, just gather your wild and crazy mates round a big table and make sure you're well stocked for drink! Whenever a player chooses a card they must read the question aloud and perform the forfeit for their answer. If you're lucky, you might get a question that applies to all boys, all girls or everyone at the table. For extra fun, there are 10 cards which you can write your own question and forfeit on.

These cards are small and portable enough to allow you to play anywhere; great for taking on holiday, to your friends' houses or the pub. They make a great gift for any cheeky friend and will provide plenty of giggles time and time again.
Product Features:
• Drinking card game
• Over 100 I've Never questions
• Make up your own questions too
• Age: Adult (21+)
• Players: 2+
Pack Contains:
• 1 x Set of Rules
• 104 x I've Never Questions Cards
• 10 x Make Up Your Own Questions Cards