Inertia Flexible Cum Thru Plug *

Made from hygienically superior silicone and high end stainless steel, the Inertia can be fully sterilized, an absolute must-have feature in any urethral toy. Both materials are able to be boiled or bleached, and are immensely hardy, easily standing up to a whole lot of enthusiastic handling. A sterile, one-time use medical grade lubricant is recommended for the Inertia, and any urethral penetration tool, for that matter. Be sure to follow sterile procedures during cleansing and use for your safety and comfort. Simply avoid abrasive surfaces and silicone lubricants to keep this tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.

The Inertia is 3 3/4 inches long insertable, while the steel tip is a mere .2 inches wide for ultimate comfort.