ON Arousal Oil For Her Ultra 5 ml

Comprised of an electrifyingly pleasurable blend of proprietary essential oils formulated to naturally draw blood into the clitoral area, quickly igniting nerve ending into a deliciously receptive state of readiness, ON for Her is a wonderful female enhancer that immeasurably expands stimulation potential.
Voted #1 female arousal product by a panel of seasoned testers, ON is unique in its vibrating, buzzing sensation that's delivered by the aforementioned oils. Many similar arousal products rely on menthol, a mint extract with a limited threshold to bring on that coveted heightened sensory effect, but this silky, sexy oil contains no menthol at all. The Ultra version was created to be full-force intense. Apply 1 or 2 drops to the clitoris before sex or foreplay and wait a few minutes for the full effect before reapplying, if needed. Not for use with condoms.
Size: 5 ml