Bull Bag Clear *

From Perfect Fit, the ultra-supple, all-encompassing Bull Bag fully surrounds the testicles, gently tugging them away from the body to vastly enhance orgasm intensity when the time comes.
Extra stretchy and comfortably roomy once inside, the Bull Bag contains the scrotum entirely, its tapered entrance pulling subtly downward. Simply pull the round-rimmed opening apart to slip over the balls- the resulting distance from the body once positioned will be approximately .75 inches (1.9cm).
Made of Perfect Fit's signature PF Blend material, the Bull Bag is squishy, soft and lifelike to the touch. A mash-up of body safe silicone and TPR, PF Blend is perfectly compatible with water-based lubricants. The Bull Bag is approximately 2.6 inches long (6.6cm) and 3.1 inches (8cm) wide at largest.