nu Sensuelle Pearl 10 Funct - Pink *

The company NU that invented this vibrator never stopped amazing us, with 10 speed system, The Sensuelle Pearl, has a cutting edge mechanism which delivers powerful horizontal and vertical movements on the tip of its shaft. This mechanism mimics the movement of a human finger to trigger G Spot orgasm. The Sensual Pearl is especially useful stimulating the G -spot. You only have to place the tip of the Sensuelle Pearl on the G-spot area, and it does the work for you, while providing you with the choice of 10 different vibrations for even more joy. The 10-speed vibration system, plus the automated G spot stimulation mechanism plus the fact that Sensuelle Point is unique in the world, makes it crystal clear that Sensuelle Pearl is a revolutionary device for people who enjoy life while relaxing at the same time. The Sensuelle Pearl 7"(18cm) long by 1" wide (2.5cm) AND AT LAST... its powered from a RECHARGEABLE more need for batteries. Thanks to the high technology of the Sensuelle Pearl who finally incorporated a RECHARGEABLE battery. It comes with a USB cable and a 110v transformer; plug in the wall or on your computer. A luxury satin pouch is also included.