Vivian Rechargeable Vibrating Dong *

They say two heads are better than one. And with Vivian, we agree. Her dual motors, located at the tips, may very well make Vivian the last pleasure object you ever buy. The twin motors double the pleasure with 1 0 functions of vibration and pulsation. Crafted from 1 00% medical grade silicone, Vivian is the ideal companion for a long soak in the tub. Best of all, Vivian does not require batteries because she is fully USB rechargeable. Just like your best friend, Vivian is always there for you.
- Rechargeable Battery (USB socket)
- 10 vibrating pulsations
- MATERIALS : Medical grade silicone and Gloss coated ABS
- User Time: Up to 3 Hours
- Waterproof