Anal Adventures -Silicone Beginner Beads

These beads will excite and stimulate as they're moved in and out! Ultrasilk™ smooth and made of Puria™ silicone, these plugs warm with your body heat beautifully. The Silicone Beginner Anal Beads have a pull loop for safe and simple removal and ease of use, they also increase progressively in size and have both round and diamond shapes, making them perfect for adding new sensations during anal play. These beads are body-safe and contain no phthalates, paraffins, or latex.

10 Beads of Variable Sizes and Shapes for Optimal Sensations
Perfect for Beginners
Looped Handle for Easy Retrieval and Easy to Clean
Made from Puria™ Silicone. Contains no Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex
Ultrasilk™ Smooth and Tapered for Easy Insertion