Are You Too High? Storybook

Are You Too High? is a book written and illustrated by Brian Box brown, published by Neatoco.

So, you've ingested too much cannabis. Now What? This delightful guide, Are You Too High?, may help you or your distressed friend stop freaking out. Written & illustrated by award-winning and New York Times bestselling comic artist, Brian “Box” Brown, and published by Neatoco, Are You Too High? puts the lit back in literature! It's a guide! It's a comic book! It's a graphic novel! It's a storybook for adults! Get one for yourself or it makes the perfect gift for the stoner or first timer in your life!

Brian Box Brown is an Eisner Award winning artist and cannabis activist living in Philadelphia. He is the author of many graphic novels including the New York Times Best Selling Andre the Giant Life and Legend and Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America.

For Mature Readers
*40 high-quality, colorful glossy pages
*Glossy cover & a Perfect Bind
*8” x 8” format
*Written & Illustrated by Brian “Box” Brown
*Published by Neatoco