Voodoo Beso G - Black *

I’m the ultimate dual stimulation for double the satisfaction! I’m the Beso G and I’m designed to attend to your every desire, kissing your clitoris with unique section pressure while stimulating your G-spot, making you tingle with pleasure. I’m designed to fit your body and adjusted using just one hand, with my warming ‘G-Spot’ feature, 10 vibration patterns and 10 suction modes.

Ergonomic Finger Grip for Single-Handed Use!
10 Vibration Modes
10 Suction Modes
Ultra-Soft Silicone
Adjustable Clitoral Armature Angle
Warming G-Spot Feature which gently warms the G-spot arm to a pleasurable temperature to ignite your senses and make you feel incredible.
Water-Proof IPX7
Clitoral, G-Spot and Sucking Stimulation
USB Magnetic Rechargeable
To turn on the warming feature, simply press the "on" button until it turns blue, then press it again to see the red light turn on. The toy will slowly begin to warm and bring you an incredible sensation.