Hello Sexy Fuzzy Wrist Cuffs - Lilac

Listen babe, we’re not here to ‘police’ your kinks. Here at Hello, Sexy, we believe you have the right to consensually Netflix and chill… with whomever you want, however you want. And if yours and your partner’s idea of ‘chillin’ involves a sexy little pair of handcuffs, who are we to stop you? Bestie, we GOT you! Our Bound by Bliss Fuzzy cuffs are a perfect addition to your pleasure arsenal. Adjustable silver metal frames accommodate a range of different sizes: easily join two wrists or ankles together, or mix and match by cuffing to a bed frame, bed post, etc. Each pair of Bound by Bliss cuffs is wrapped in bright red or hot pink fluffy faux fur lining for optimal accessorizing options, and softer skin contact. Whatever you use these for, who are we to judge what happens between consenting adults? We ‘arrest’ our case.

Flexible sizing

Bright, playful design is perfect for beginners and veteran vixens alike

Perfect for Roleplay, power play, and restraints

Light weight metal construction

Keyed lock and quick release trigger