HerbaMAX for Men - 10pk

Expiry date: 08/2026

Many Canadian Men and Women are reluctant to use prescription drugs to resolve their sexual issues but do trust Health Canada approved Natural Health Products. HerbaMAX Inc. has developed and it is offering the newest and the most potent natural male and female herbal supplements on the Canadian Market today. The formulas were created with the expertise of our Master Herbalist and are clinically proven to be effective and safe. The aim was to create the most advanced formula to support normal sexual function in men and women. Made with 100% "truly all natural" high quality ingredients to ensure superior effectiveness, safety and quality. Each HerbaMAX product is accepted and licensed by Health Canada and unlike all other sexual enhancement products on the Canadian market today, have been authorized by Health Canada to be used and advertised as aphrodisiacs and to support the emotional aspects associated with Male and Female sexual dysfunction.
Health Canada License # (NPN): 80049401