Evolved The Note - Pink

What can we say about the Note? How about this: if the sound of orgasm is music to your ears, you will not be disappointed. Aside from a super silky surface, a beloved double-the-pleasure shape, ten modes vibration and a totally unique flickering tongue tickler, The Note also showcases a very special thumping shaft that pulses and throbs tirelessly against your/your partner's inner sweet spots.

The Note's curvy shape was specifically tailored to simultaneous inner and outer sweet spot pleasing. Smooth at the tip, the The Note penetrates comfortably and very pleasurably. The plushy, curvy shaft nearly instantly targets your/your partner's g-spot and other inner erogenous zones - there's lots of length to play with when it comes to finding the perfect fit.

Speaking of The Note's shaft, it's where that thumping function we mentioned comes pounding onto the scene. Totally unique, an extra intense motor placed under a soft patch below the tip literally thumps and thuds, tirelessly massaging and stimulating g-spots, prostates and beyond. Take your pick from five possible thumping speeds, which can be mixed and matched with ten speeds of steady, pulsating and escalating shaft vibration.

Like all fantastic full-coverage vibes, The Note features a stimulator reaching up from below. This one, however, is particularly special. Inside a soft, clit encompassing cup, a tiny tongue waits to dazzle you or you partner with its five tireless flickering patterns. You can certainly enjoy vibration, thumping or tongue teasing solo thanks to three independent motors, but we highly recommend pairing them up! Buttons to the side of the cup power easily control each mode.

Conveniently rechargeable via USB, The Note powers up using the included cable and any free USB port (or compatible adapter).

In 100% silicone, The Note is body safe, phthalate free and extra hygienic. Wash it well before and after playtime using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If you'll be pairing a lube with this vibe, please use a favourite good quality water-based formula. To keep The Note at its best, avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys. Waterproof.