Vibrating Head Teaser w/ Urethral Sounds

Explore sensational ecstasy vibrating through your shaft like you’ve never felt before! This is more than a penis head vibrator; it sends powerful vibrations down a silicone, urethral sound! Experience 3 levels of intensity and 7 different pattern variations that buzz the head of your cock and send undulating pulses through your shaft. Choose between small, medium or long silicone sounds so you can play with the depth of your choosing.

Choose the urethral sound length you desire, and use a sterile lubricating jelly for anything internal. Begin to stroke your cock until it begins to get semi-erect, then slip the urethral sound in while it’s attached to the penis head vibrator. Begin to buzz the vibration through the toy, choosing a vibration pattern and level. Once the cap slips over the head of the virbator, enjoy the textured beads on the inside of the silicone cap as they rub gently against your glans.

Made of premium grade silicone, this toy is body safe and ready to use with water based lubricant! Recharge after use with the USB charger included.

Measurements: Overall length: 5.75 inches, Sleeve opening diameter: 1.5 inches, Sleeve depth: 2.25 inches, Urethral sounds are 0.2 inches wide and 0.9 inches, 1.9 inches, 3.9 inches in length

Materials: Silicone, ABS plastic

Color: Black

Key Features:
Urethral Sounds: Enjoy 3 interchangeable silicone urethral sounds! Feel the vibration through your shaft from the inside!
Powerful Vibration: Enjoy 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration teasing the head of your cock.
Textured Silicone Head Teaser: Small, textured bumps cover the inside of the silicone head teaser that add extra sensation for your pleasure!
Rechargeable and Waterproof: The vibrating head teaser is USB rechargeable with included charging cable. The silicone is made with IPX6 waterproofing making it splash proof and water resistant.
Note: Do not submerge in water. Use only with water based lubricants.