What the F*ck - Truth or Dare

The F*CKING CRAZY drinking game! Players take turns asking and acting out 100 hilarious truth or dare options with each other.
The What the Fuck Truth or Dare Game is a crazy party game that helps get any party rolling! This game is easy to play, and features sticks with truth or dares written on them. Roll out the sticks, pick one, and choose the Truth or Dare on the stick.

Examples of great dares: Use a cloth or paper towel to fashion a diaper for you to wear instead of pants for the rest of the game. Play leapfrog with a stuffed animal or pillow. And truths: When was it and where were you when you have felt the sexiest you've ever been? What's the most disgusting thing you've ever had to wash out of your clothing?
This silly game can be played with or without alcohol. You can play it with two people or lots of people.